CIS of Chicago believes that programs don’t change people; relationships do. That’s why our team makes a concerted effort to pair students with working professionals who can expose them to different working environments, speak to them about their goals, and encourage them to think about life after graduation. These experiences also impact the mentors profoundly.


CIS of Chicago also engages students in mentorship through Inspiring Futures, one-time opportunities for students to meet company employees, explore career paths, tour office space, and receive guidance from these professionals. We like to call Inspiring Futures a “flip-the-classroom” experience.

For students, this is a chance to expand their horizons and venture outside of their neighborhoods. For company employees, Inspiring Futures allows them to connect with students and share their expertise with the next generation.

Students and mentors work together to map about their personal goals and identify steps to achieve those goals. Students might be seeking to improve their attendance or grades. Employees might be working on achieving a better work-life balance. In fall 2019, CIS of Chicago hosted Inspiring Futures sessions at GTCR, AT&T, and Groupon.

Is your organization interested in engaging millennial employees through Inspiring Futures? Check out the benefits of participating from our CEO, Jane Mentzinger.