2018 Tenacity Awards

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The Tenacity Awards recognize hard-working students who have overcome educational threats – academic stumbles, low attendance, poor behavior or tremendous personal challenges – which could have derailed their grade completion or graduation. With support from CIS of Chicago’s intensive program, these students persevered to work through challenges and improve their school performance. Since 2014, CIS of Chicago has presented 33 students with a Tenacity Award, which includes cash awards compiled from donations by current and former staff members.

The 2018 Tenacity Awards were presented to 10 students:
Jazmen, Michele Clark Academic Preparatory Magnet High School
Isamari, Cesar E. Chávez Multicultural Academic Center
Victor, James R Doolittle Jr Elementary School
Gabriela, Foreman College and Career Academy
Danielle, George Washington High School
Zahriyah, Hayt Elementary School
Darreon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy of Social Justice
Jonathan, Stephen Tyng Mather High School
Berlyne, Rowe Elementary School
Takayla, Westcott Elementary School