Intensive Support

CIS of Chicago is in schools and beyond. Through our Intensive Program, we embed a team of staff expertly trained to work with youth in 30 public-school communities across Chicago. We call these team members Student Supports Managers.

These caring adults, who have extensive backgrounds in areas like social work and counseling, provide one-on-one supportive guidance for individual students. Student Supports Managers help our young people set goals, build strong relationships with teachers and peers, and develop confidence and self-esteem. This hands-on, direct support is prioritized for students who are struggling in school and are high need.

During the 2019-20 school year, CIS of Chicago’s Intensive Program provided ongoing support to targeted students from 31 school communities. These students were identified by their principals, teachers, and family as needing extra help to succeed in school and life.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Intensive Team worked with students in person, at school. Starting in March, when schools transitioned to remote learning, our team continued to provide these students with support via phone, email, and online learning platforms. Of the 1,317 students who received ongoing case management services in 2019-20 from our school-based team, 99 percent either graduated or were promoted to the next grade. NONE dropped out.

Learn more about our student support, both in the school building and through virtual platforms.